“Boys cook. Girls don’t.” That’s what one of the kids in my son’s preschool told me, and I loved it! My boys both love baking because they know that if they bake it, they can eat it, but there is a lot more for them to learn. Whether you are in a time of privation like the Great Depression (when this mural was painted) or a time of plenty (like the picture shows), knowing how to cook enables you to make food just the way you like it.

Starting with very basic skills, we have thoughts on kids and cooking.

Family and Food: The Reasons for the Season
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Family & Food: The Reasons for the Season

It is December and the holiday season is getting into full swing. I have always shopped throughout the year, so my shopping was done by sometime in November. Now that I have kids, it is even more important to me to have most of my shopping done by then because it lets me spend December […]

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